Color Gemstone Engagement Rings For The Next Generation

Sorry Marilyn, but as it turns out, diamonds are not always a girl's best friend.  Well, they're at least not a millennial's BFF, that is... Diamonds are rare, beautiful and, yes, forever.  That’s not going to change anytime soon.  But gemstone engagements are making a splash among Millennial buyers.  Since the Millennial group (individuals born 1982 to 2004) is the largest generation in our nation’s history, it’s advantageous to understand what drives this sweeping customer base.  So the question remains: Are Millennials attracted to gemstone engagement rings because of their uniqueness or affordability?  Well, the short answer is both!

Gemstone engagements stray from conventional norms and offer individual expression for younger audiences.  They are opting for a rainbow of hues, such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies and opals are officially trending among this youthful crowd.  Their bursts of color grant the brides-to-be freedom from the traditional look and communicate uniqueness.  Also, many gemstones have a lower price point, attracting Millennials who opt to allocate their money elsewhere.  However, this isn’t always the case.  In fact, with gemstone popularity on the rise, certain rare stones can rival diamonds in price per carat.  

Not only are Millennials going this route based on financial and stylistic reasons, many are also focused on the ethics in sourcing.  As the owner of Austin Private Jeweler, I pride myself on only working with suppliers that uphold the strict labor and environmental guidelines to ensure all my gems and diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict free.

Whether you choose to go with bold color for your big day or with a sparkly diamond, one thing is certain that Austin Private Jeweler can help you design the ring of your dreams!

Shine Bright~